There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s books and write your own.

I desperately want to do this. I’ve wanted to write for quite some time now. I know that I have a talent for writing, I recognize it as my art. I believe everyone has an art, so to say. By this, I mean that everyone has their own unique talent to express themselves creatively. But I don’t limit this to the traditional fine arts. One can just as easily express themselves, creatively, through any field that they have a passion and talent for. Mathematics, Scientific Research, Commentary… anything really. It doesn’t have to be restricted to the "fine arts." I guess that this is, in some way, an extension of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, at least in my own interpretation. I say this because the Theory of Multiple Intelligences obliterates, rightfully so, the traditional view of what it means to be intelligent. It points out the limitedness and discriminatory bias of the traditional definition of intelligence. It points out that there are far more diverse ways that one can express intelligence, well beyond what is traditionally regarded as intelligence. I find that this expansive and holistic view of intelligence, by extension, can also be applied to how one defines creative expression. It shows that the idea of restriction, vis à vis the definition of intelligence, is not only flawed, but also unfairly exclusive. That what it means to be intelligent is far more expansive than traditionally defined. It also promotes a more all-encompassing and complete definition of what is valued in terms of intelligence. That the traditional definition of intelligence is incomplete at best and woefully harmful at worst. As such, since multiple intelligences expands the definition of intelligence beyond the traditional, regarding aptitude in Mathematics, Logic, and Linguistic Prowess, to include aptitudes in such fields as Kinesthetics, Artistic Prowess, Creative Expression, Empathy and Communication Skills; I feel it’s only logical to do the opposite. To expand the definition of what it means to be creative, to define artistic expression, to include Mathematics, Logic and Linguistic Prowess as well. And hence, ones art can be in any field that one is passionate and skilled in.

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Wetware to Hardware?

I’m amazed, flabbergasted, flummoxed…and frightened! I realize the breakthrough that this is; and the scientists who achieved this feat absolutely and without question should all receive Nobels for this. 
I however also see the absolutely terrifying implications of this. For one, the barrier that indelibly separated the organic and inorganic has not just been breached, but torn asunder. The question then goes to the spiritual where we ask whether this is a division that we should have crossed or was it ever meant to be crossed? Most would stop there and concentrate on that question alone. But that isn’t the only question that we should consider. We must consider the Human element to these implications. Was it simply hubris?  As most naysayers to the above question might conclude. Or, do we posit that the mere fact that we did achieve this feat is in itself the answer to the question. That it wasn’t hubris at all and that it wasn’t against some greater and unknowable plan. But instead that the achievement of this, as a sign of our collective sentience, was what was intended all along. That it’s even the natural flow of evolution. Through our species’ evolution what gave us the ability to be at the top, as the most apex predator of all the life on Earth, was and is our sentience. And perhaps this is just a natural progression of Humanity, a continual climb up the evolutionary mountain. But then we must acknowledge the ethical dilemma that is whether we can handle this knowledge, this new skill, responsibly? We may be at the summit of life on Earth but that does not mean that we are the only life on Earth. Since this concept of “noblesse oblige” has been lost on us,  and especially on those in power, what pain and destruction have we irreparably wrought upon the life on this world including ourselves? The signs are everywhere and yet there are still those that have the arrogance, and dare I say, hubris to deny that any damage has been made and continue to perpetuate the suicidal belief that we have divine mandate to be masters of this world. But before I digress too much I must come back to my point in that we must consider whether we are capable of handling this power over organic, and potentially, inorganic life. And that is exactly what this achievement portends, hence my fear. 

However, as a Transhumanist, I am also in awe and amazement of this achievement and also hope that it could represent an ability to finally cross the “Wetware-to-Hardware” barrier. ‘Have to look for the silver lining. 

My Inner Pain

I’m Gay, and I was cut as an infant. My partner was left intact. We’ve not been intimate for a few years, but for other reasons. I also have that inferiority when I see an intact man. I feel like I obsess about it or that’s how I’m treated. I’ve never really found anyone who is supportive of how I feel. My partner says that he doesn’t understand what the big deal is for me. Luckily he said that he would never get cut. I used to panic any time he went to the doctor because I was afraid that they might con him into getting cut. When I tell him that he should be proud of being intact, he just said that it is what it is. Everywhere I express how I feel, how much mental anguish I have. It’s like having PTSD without remembering the exact event. Additionally, I recently found out that I have Borderline Personality Disorder, which is caused by an Attachment Trauma. I firmly feel that the first attachment trauma that I had was being cut. Luckily, my French-Canadian therapist agreed. But it’s this awful self hatred and loathing, and I am restoring, but to me, it doesn’t take away the pain, it just reminds me of how flawed I now am. But normally, anyone I mention my feelings to either minimizes it or Gaslights me (makes it that I’m the one who’s wrong), which just deepens my self-loathing and also makes me feel more isolated. I truly hate being American, if only for this one reason. I’m sorry guys if my post is a real downer, but for me, it’s the truth, it’s my truth.