Samsung to open early reservations for the Galaxy Fold starting April 12

Samsung to open early reservations for the Galaxy Fold starting April 12


Answer to What do you feel about religion mixed in with politics?

I may sound very American for this view but I don’t think any good can come from mixing religion and state craft. This is especially the case when that state is not homogeneous. Meaning that the state consists of one culture, and the same faith. With absolutely no variation. With the natural diversity, individuality, and inquisitiveness of Humanity, that amount of homogeneity just can’t exist in Humanity. And to force that is not only against our nature as a race its inhuman. Such conditions only exist in a hive mind, which Humanity is not.


From one of my best friends I met in college who has his political science degree. “The ability to write laws lies solely upon the Legislative Branch. The President, who is the head of the Executive Branch, only has the power to approve or deny (veto) a bill from becoming a law. This is called the Veto Power and is a check on the power of the Legislative from the Executive branch. One example of the separation of powers and the check and balance system. Generally the veto power works under the idea of all or none, so a veto nullifies the whole bill or the whole bill is accepted. What the President is doing with executive orders is NOT making laws arbitrarily. An executive order is not a law, it’s a directive on how a specific part of the executive branch is supposed to function, or rather how the President wants it to function. Executive orders do not have any effect on the other 2 branches (Legislative and Judicial). They only have effect upon components of the Executive branch, like the military (through the Department of Defense), or the Diplomatic Corps (through the Department of State). And just to add, the Judicial Branch also does not make laws, including “activist judges.” These judges are fulfilling their duty as mandated by the constitution which is to determine how the constitution is to be applied to specific laws or in specific situations.”- Phil Bialor