In response to an article on the insolvency of Social Security on Countable

As written to my congresspeople:

My mother was born in 1953. My father in 1955. I was born in 1982. My sisters in 1976 and 1985. My brothers in 1983 and 1988. That’s excluding my two nephews and four nieces. Minimum wage hasn’t been relevant to current day costs of living for decades. Jobs are harder to find. Employers more demanding. Employees more disposable. Unemployment numbers are looked at with scrutiny while underemployment is virtually ignored. One of the primary safety nets put in place to avoid the horrors of the Great Depression, Social Security, forced past a complicit congress by a prescient President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The same president that was elected to four consecutive terms. The only president in American history to be elected to more than two terms prior to term limits. Is now insolvent. Consider the name of this program: Social Security. What does it mean? Precisely what it’s named. A program to provide security to society. All able bodies are meant to pay into it through income taxes. All citizens are potentially eligible for this program. Yet you have the gall to allow an income ceiling exist that exempts the ones most able to pay into the system from paying into the system. And yet these exempted citizens are still potentially able to collect from a system that they did not contribute to. And to add insult to injury, you allow a tax code to exist that makes recepients pay income taxes on their benefits. Any extra income that these recepients have should either be irrelevant or they should not receive benefits. But to force the elderly and disabled eliminate their savings needlessly, for a pittance is criminal. Actually, it’s extortion. Just because it’s being committed by the government doesn’t eliminate the guilt and contempt. The fact that you might or might not have had a hand in the actual writing or passing of these codes is irrelevant. As a member of congress you are complicit. Fix this immediately or you will be removed from your illbegotten power. You are servants of the people, not servants of yourselves. 


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