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There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s books and write your own.

I desperately want to do this. I’ve wanted to write for quite some time now. I know that I have a talent for writing, I recognize it as my art. I believe everyone has an art, so to say. By this, I mean that everyone has their own unique talent to express themselves creatively. But I don’t limit this to the traditional fine arts. One can just as easily express themselves, creatively, through any field that they have a passion and talent for. Mathematics, Scientific Research, Commentary… anything really. It doesn’t have to be restricted to the "fine arts." I guess that this is, in some way, an extension of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, at least in my own interpretation. I say this because the Theory of Multiple Intelligences obliterates, rightfully so, the traditional view of what it means to be intelligent. It points out the limitedness and discriminatory bias of the traditional definition of intelligence. It points out that there are far more diverse ways that one can express intelligence, well beyond what is traditionally regarded as intelligence. I find that this expansive and holistic view of intelligence, by extension, can also be applied to how one defines creative expression. It shows that the idea of restriction, vis à vis the definition of intelligence, is not only flawed, but also unfairly exclusive. That what it means to be intelligent is far more expansive than traditionally defined. It also promotes a more all-encompassing and complete definition of what is valued in terms of intelligence. That the traditional definition of intelligence is incomplete at best and woefully harmful at worst. As such, since multiple intelligences expands the definition of intelligence beyond the traditional, regarding aptitude in Mathematics, Logic, and Linguistic Prowess, to include aptitudes in such fields as Kinesthetics, Artistic Prowess, Creative Expression, Empathy and Communication Skills; I feel it’s only logical to do the opposite. To expand the definition of what it means to be creative, to define artistic expression, to include Mathematics, Logic and Linguistic Prowess as well. And hence, ones art can be in any field that one is passionate and skilled in.

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