What’s an Intactivist and why I am one?

This is why I feel the way that I do! #intactivism

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The term Intactivist is when someone stands up to keep baby boys and girls intact, in other words; An activist to keep babies the way they were born = “Intactivist”.  Being an intactivist hasn’t got anything to do with being male or female or being intact or not. What it comes down to is, whether you think babies should be left the way they were born or not.

Female circumcision is not legally practiced in the United States any longer, but it has only been since 1996 that it was officially outlawed by the federal government. So, while it may seem that I care only about male babies, that is not the case. However, nobody can deny that males are under attack in this country, starting from the cradle to the grave and we have to address it where it begins.

The so-called “medical benefits” of circumcision change as circumcision rates in the U.S. drop. Furthermore, as biomedical…

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5 Most disturbing things your boy will read about his circumcision.

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Oregon Intactivist

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I sometimes hear about parents who refuse to do their research about circumcision. They have made their mind up about it and just want to ‘get it done’. That’s fine for them. They may not want to read about the immediate damage and risks from the operation itself, or the life-long damage it causes, but one day, their circumcised son will read these things. He will ask himself ‘why?’ He may even go to his parents and ask them the same question.

If you are, or plan to be one of these parents, it might be wise to start preparing your answers. To help you prepare, these are the top 5 most disturbing things your son will eventually read about his circumcision:

1. Circumcision may have made his penis smaller. While not the most serious complication, this is one of the first things that will get your son’s attention…

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Growing Foreskin Restoration Movement Shows Increasing Awareness about the Harm Circumcision Causes.

Thanks to the Internet, more and more men are learning about circumcision and how it has negatively affected their sex life. A steadily increasing number of men are learning how to restore their fo…

Source: Growing Foreskin Restoration Movement Shows Increasing Awareness about the Harm Circumcision Causes.