The Sad Truth about Kids from the 90’s (Myself Included)


The Greenhouse of Negative Feelings.

I’ve experienced the same Misandry, and that’s exactly what it is, Misandry. Basically the plight or any possible plight of males, men, boys, is regarded as less important than any possible plight of females, women, girls. This is because, even though Western Society is Patriarchal with men in power primarily, males are still regarded as disposable when compared to females. How can we possibly fight Sexism when all we’re trying to reverse is Misogyny? Sexism isn’t just actions against females (Misogyny) but goes the other way also. Actions against males for being male (Misandry) is just as much Sexism.

Left Leaning Anti-Feminist

I posted a comment to a post in Facebook about FGM (female genital mutilation).

MGM is a far larger problem than FGM. We are so acculturated to this violence against boys that we son’t even think it should be illegal.

“Son’t” is a typo for “don’t”. This comment elicited this reply from an FGM activist.

I do agree that we have a MGM problem and that it also needs to be discussed however I feel that it needs a seperate discussion as the cause of it is completely different to FGM. As a FGM survivor I’d like to be able to discuss my mutilation and how we can work towards eradicating that without being side tracked by MGM. Lets have separate important conversations about what amounts to child abuse.

I was struck by the need to discuss her mutilation without her stage being “sidetracked” by MGM (male genital mutilation). This…

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Political Correctness or Enforced Civility?


Sorry. That’s just BS. What all the detractors are calling Political Correctness is nothing more than enforced Civility. And they just hate it because it forces them to actually give respect to people not like them.