The whole Relentlessly Gay thing has hit a nerve with the interwebs, yay!

I have read some comments on this post and the blatant misunderstanding of the purpose of this campaign, and yes, it has turned into a campaign, is just staggering. How narrow minded some of you commenters are. Haven’t you ever heard the following quote: “Governments use art to lie, Artists use art to tell the truth.” Of course that’s paraphrased. Not a perfect memory.


The “secret science committee” behind the pope’s encyclical

It’s nice to actually see a world leader challenging the doubters of the world, even if it’s indirectly. And to anyone bothered by the Pope being involved in politics, read your history. The Roman Catholic Church and the Holy See are one of the oldest and richest political institutions in the world. After the fall of the Roman Empire it was the Roman Catholic Church that filled that vacuum, even though their beliefs were less than scientific, I’m glad to say that they have made a complete 180 as far as the relevance of science, even if it wasn’t until the ascension of Pope Francis.


Sick of hearing about the pope’s encyclical? How about the “400-year-old collective […] that operates as the pope’s eyes and ears on the natural world,” a.k.a. the “secret science committee” behind that encyclical?

Didn’t think so. Here’s the scoop from Bloomberg:

The Pontifical Academy has about 80 members, all of them appointed for life. Scientists hail from many nations, religions, and disciplines, which today include astronomy, biochemistry, physics, and mathematics. Members pursue the scientific issues they deem most important to society, without Vatican interference. Unlike the National Academy of Sciences, which is financially independent from the U.S., the Pontifical Academy relies on the Vatican to keep the lights on.

The full academy meets every two years and is often granted an audience from the pope. In the stretches between the biannual sessions, scientists hold workshops and produce reports on whichever topics they agree are most important for the pope to understand.

And they’ve been worried about climate change…

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