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FORESKIN IS NORMAL. That’s why boys are born with it. NOT having foreskin is NOT normal. Slowly, people are waking up to acknowledge the horrors of circumcision. Even Jewish parents are choosing to welcome their sons with a Brit Shalom to acknowledge their boys’ right to body autonomy.

The United States recognized girls’ right to body autonomy and granted protection from Female Genital Mutilation by banning FGM in America in 1997. However, there is no such protection for boys. How is such blatant sexism possible? Are boys not human beings as well? Do boys not also deserve to have their human rights and First Amendment rights protected? The fact that this continues clearly indicates we have still have work to do in this field of activism.

And in case you’re wondering, of course, I’m against FGM. But I’m in America where FGM is already illegal. Cases of FGM in America that are reported are dealt with via criminal charges and in a court of law — just as doctors who commit male genital mutilation on boys should likewise face criminal charges and a lengthy prison sentence.

Intact men who live in cutting cultures, such as the United States, deal with bullying at school, rejection by potential partners, and misrepresentation in film, TV, and media. Non-consensual circumcision is perpetuated by ignorance of the male sexual anatomy, cultural myths of appearance and hygiene, and the financial bonanza of selling babies’ foreskins to cosmetic companies and biotech labs — not to mention the steady income for the doctors who commit circumcision.

The main reason circumcision was promoted in America by sexophobe Dr. John Kellogg was to deny men their right to intense sexual pleasure. Kellogg thought all sex was dirty, and recommended circumcision for both boys and girls. Now, over 120 years later, America’s prudish society still has moral conflicts about sexual pleasure: shaming women who enjoy sex, and cutting boys so they lose 87% of the nerve endings in their penis and completely miss out on the sexual pleasure for which their bodies were designed.

The long history of America’s Puritanical anti-sex is also tied to the belief that intact men are less likely to conform to society’s dictates, less likely to obey authority figures, lack motivation to be productive, and are more in touch with their feelings. (Gasp!) Essentially, circumcision culture wants a society of men who are unemotional, war-like robots. Most importantly, circumcision culture wants to deny men — and their partners! — their natural ability for sublime sexual and sensual pleasure.

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#CoverRIC Would the Equal Rights Amendment make circumcision illegal?

#CoverRIC Would the Equal Rights Amendment make circumcision illegal?
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Monday, June 10, 2019, 18:33

Patrick Seiter shared an update on Please cover routine infant circumcision (RIC) in your main Last Week Tonight segment

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Petition Update

#CoverRIC Would the Equal Rights Amendment make circumcision illegal?
Yesterday, Last Week Tonight’s main topic was on the Equal Rights Amendment, to which I ask: would the Equal Rights Amendment implicitly make circumcision illegal in states where FGM is already illegal? John even referenced the mutilation of children in this episode: “That’s right, that’s right. Now, if one of the children is better than the other one, the Equal Rights Amendment says you have… is proudly funded by people like you, Phillip.

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Classifying Governments

So two of my passions are Political Theory/Philosophy and Comparitive Government. (Really anything Comparitive.) And my undergraduate degree is in the field of Government and Political Affairs AKA Political Science (Poli Sci). So I like to think that I’m at least more of an expert than the common person who has never studied government. This last point has been something of a point of contention with me since my expertise, small as it may be, is still there and I’m never given credit for that. When you have a degree in something, that means that you’re an expert in that degree field proportionate to the level of your degree. So when I describe something about government or how it works or why it works the way that it does, I am not telling you my opinion! I am telling you what is! If I’m telling you my opinion I will say that it’s my opinion!

So one thing that has irked me now is how people describe our government. It’s not a problem per se. But at can effect how someone understands our government. Which is necessary in order to vote non arbitrarily and informed. The United States Government, and all similar governments, are not Democratic Republics! Saying such is redundant, incorrect, and inaccurate. By nature, all republics are democratic. To describe our government, and other similar governments, the more accurate term is a Federal Republic. That is precisely what was created by Thomas Jefferson, who was one of, if not the, primary architects of our government. That is what makes us unique. The Federal Republic structure was literally created, from scratch, by Jefferson. No such thing existed before us (or rather US). The Federal Republican model is also the first modern democratic system, but that’s just de facto since the United States is the first democratic state in the modern era.

FDA Clears STI Assays for Throat, Rectal Samples | Medpage Today

Great news in Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) diagnosis. Unfortunately many doctors don’t offer any of these tests prophylactically (as a preventative measure). Being straight and/or monogamous does not make you immune to an STI. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are the most common STIs, you can get them in ways other than sex, and both are easily cured, usually by a single dose of the respective antibiotics (since they’re both bacteria). Most common, easiest to cure. Know you status.

I know that that’s from the HIV movement. But really, it counts for every STI.

I really wish that the links I posted would replace the verbatim URL with an article preview (a la Facebook).

Answer to What do you feel about religion mixed in with politics?

I may sound very American for this view but I don’t think any good can come from mixing religion and state craft. This is especially the case when that state is not homogeneous. Meaning that the state consists of one culture, and the same faith. With absolutely no variation. With the natural diversity, individuality, and inquisitiveness of Humanity, that amount of homogeneity just can’t exist in Humanity. And to force that is not only against our nature as a race its inhuman. Such conditions only exist in a hive mind, which Humanity is not.